SAVE & INVEST Roadshows & Seminars 2015




In the face of stiff challenge from rising inflation rate, things got more complex as the life expectancy is also seeing a rising curve. It is now reported in studies that we tend to live longer than our great grand-parents and grand-parents courtesy to the advancement of technology and improved lifestyles. Therefore, a long term challenge is waiting for all of us who is aging everyday towards golden year. The biggest question to ask nowadays would be: “How to keep pace our money purchasing power with inflation, and do it as long to match the life expectancy?? Therefore, With the theme of “Save & Invest for Financial Freedom”, Money Compass < 2015 Save N Invest Road shows & Seminars> is created to cater to the need of Malaysian, the road shows envisioned to providing knowledge to Malaysian who care about achieving their financial goal, and with a proper educational program and initiative from Financial Institution would be the first important step in ensuring this vision becoming a reality. The Series of roadshows & Seminars cover 5 major cities in Malaysia from April to June, including Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor Bahru, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu. The first roadshow will kicks off on 25th APRIL 2015 at Crystal Crown Hotel. Speakers are from top management of financial institutions as well as professional certified financial advisers. The roadshow consists of seminar presentations which cover relevant saving and investment planning topics, which are Panel 1 on Money Saving, Financial Freedom & Retirement Planning, right attitude and behaviour alignment towards Money, Debts & Wealth, Panel 2 on Risk Management through transferring your risk, Panel 3 on Investment Opportunities at various platform and etc . On the other hand, exhibition is open from 9am to 6pm at every event venue. Public can obtain free advisory from the participated booths. Exhibitors lined up are Kenanga, AKPK, PIDM, PPA and etc. This event is sponsored by Kenanga Investor Berhad as Platinum Sponsor. Apart from the sponsor, the 5 cities roadshows are also supported by several major associations, which are Credit Counseling and Management Agency (AKPK), Malaysia Financial Planning Council (MFPC), Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM) and National Association of Malaysia Life Insurance Fieldforce Advisors (NAMLIFA). The seminar will be conducted in 2 sessions and in medium of English and Mandarin. Seminar participants also stand a chance to win the fabulous lucky draw prizes including magazines subscriptions and etc. Refreshments will be provided during the seminar. Participants are eligible to claim 4 CPD hours endorsed by MFPC.

2015 储蓄与投资展及讲座会– 主题:全民财务自由

现代人普遍面对通货膨胀的压力及严峻的经济挑战,加上平均寿命的延长,让生活倍感压力。研究报告显示,现代人因为医疗的发达及科技不断的发展,都较我们祖父母的年代活得更长。可见,当我们迈向黄金退休时期,有多少不可预料的挑战正等待着我们?现在,很多人都在问,“在通货膨胀之下,如何使现金保值,才能安然度过退休生活呢?” 由《精明理财》主办的《2015储蓄与投资展及讲座会》在4月25日正式开跑,一连5场,分别在吉隆玻(25/4)、槟城(9/5)、柔佛(16/5)、古晋(23/5)、以及哥打京那巴鲁(3/6)举行,为民众提供一个储蓄与投资资讯的平台,让出席者妥善规划,达到自己的财务目标。 这主题为“全民财务自由”的系列活动,包括展览及讲座会,讲座会分为英文时段(上午9时至下午1时)与中文时段(下午2时至6时)。巡回展涵盖专题储蓄与投资专题讲座。 肯纳格(KENANGA)是该系列活动的白金赞助商。 除了肯纳格,这5场活动也获得多家公会组织鼎力支持,包括信贷咨询与债务管理机构(AKPK)、大马财务规划理事会(MFPC)、大马财务规划师协会(FPAM)、大马全国寿险与理财顾问公会(NAMLIFA)。

Registration Fees

Admission is RM30 (total incl GST 6%). For RSVP, please contact Sydney at 03-4252 1666 / Amy, Principal Consultant, 012-300 5633 or RSVP via email to and submit your Name, I/C No, Hp No, email address, No of pax reserved, Indicate your session to attend: either English(Morning)/Chinese(Afternoon).

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报名费 & 欲知详情

储蓄与投资展讲座会报名费只需RM30 (total incl GST 6%)。 有兴趣购票者,可联络Sydney , 03-4252 1666 / Amy Seok, Principal Consultant, H/P: 012-300 5633 有兴趣者也可寄上姓名/身份证号码/联络号码/电邮/预订人数/欲出席英文讲座(上午)或中文讲座(下午)的时段电邮至预订席位。